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             Domingo 23 de Abril del 2017

New procedure for online payments

From 08/14/2015 NIC DO has implemented a new procedure for online payments, in order to improve security to Internet domains we have adopted the following measures:

  • To make payments online you will need a user account on NIC DO, this account will be created using email accounts of the domain contacts. The accounts will be automatically created at the time of registration and for existing domain accounts are created from the emails registered.
  • The contacts may only make payments online to the domain names associated with their account.

The procedure is that by choosing the option of online payments in you will be asked to enter your user account, the first time you enter a password allocation process will be exhausted and then continue with the selection of (the) domain (s) to pay.

For a more detail explanation you can check the password allocation guide to access online payments for the first time

If you need to change your password you can check the guide to change the online payments password


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