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             Domingo 23 de Abril del 2017
Dispositions for the domain names renewals From December 10, 2009 NIC DO will be introducing changes in the policies that govern the domain name registration under the ccTLD .do, this policies include:
  • The establishment of the duties and responsibilities of both, the registrant and NIC DO.
  • The update of the policies and procedures of the processes related with the domain name registration.
  • The definition and implementation of a domain name dispute resolution policy.
  • The posibilitie to register domain names under .do directly.
  • The acceptance of the domain names registration agreement established by NIC DO.

Consequently the renovations of all the domain names registered before 10/12/09 will be subject to the acceptance of the Registration Agreement. For such purposes NIC DO will send an e-mail to the administrative contact of every domain name with the instructions to follow for the acceptance of the Registration Agreement.

If NIC DO does not receive the evidence of acceptance of the Registration Agreement the payments of renovation of domain names will not be accepted. If some payment is received for this concept without the acceptance of the Registration Agreement, it will not be applied to the domain name.

We invite you to know more about the new policies in


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